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Why is my window foggy? 


Why does my door glass have to be tempered?
What goes into my table top, and why does it need to be thicker and polished?

Door glass has to be tempered for your own safety. Tempered glass is also called safety glass. It is about 10 times stronger than typical annealed glass. This means it is less likely to break, but if it does break it is designed to shatter into tiny pieces. These tiny pieces will cause far less damage than a large shard of annealed glass. 

Table tops are typically at least 1/4" glass so that if things are being placed on them they will not break. Polished edges are normally found on tabletops so that people do not cut themselves. A piece of glass without polished edges is incredibly sharp. Polished edges smooth it out so that you cannot cut yourself on the edge. Outdoor tables should be made of tempered glass which is much stronger. This is to make it safer for poor weather conditions. 

What is a pattern and why do I need it for my rounded corners?

A pattern is just that: a copy of your rounded corners on paper. To make sure that we get exactly what you are looking for we need to have the exact imprint of your current glass. If you don't want to do your patterns yourself, or if you want to make sure they are done correctly, Jack's Glass will make the pattern for you for a small pattern fee. 


When the seal in your window is broken or damaged, your window can take on a cloudy appearance. Jack's Glass can easily repair, replace, and upgrade your existing insulated glass unit windows. 

Can I just replace the one pane of glass that is broken?

The unit is a set of 2 panes of glass. Typically, in newer construction, with Low-E Gas. As soon as one pane breaks, the gas that had formerly insulated the unit is now gone. It cannot be replaced in the shop, and must be fabricated so that the unit can remain insulated. 

Can you fix that today?

How long will the actual replacement take?

Will I have a hole in my house the whole time I am waiting for new glass? 

We wish the answer to this question was yes. However, it is no, we cannot fix that today. Insulated units are custom-created to fit your window frame measurements. We do not build these in-shop; they are sent to our supplier. The turnaround time for an insulated unit is typically about two weeks.

This is largely dependent on the window. If a window tilts in, it is generally easy to remove. If you aren't into DIY, call us and we'll be there to fix it for you. 


Can I just get my windshield fixed instead of fully replaced?

Is there a standard window size that you can order for me?

Why does the cost seem so high?

No. If you bring your window to us, our trained technicians will take the proper measurements and return the window to you. If you cannot bring the window into the shop, we service the entire Lehigh Valley from our mobile trucks and will come to you for a free estimate.

Unfortunately, there is no such thing as a "standard" size window. That is why Jack's Glass offers FREE measurements and estimates. This ensures that the window we order for you will fit your opening. 

To ensure the best service and proper fit we only have trained technicians working on your windows. These technicians need to use several pieces of equipment to cut and shape your glass. To install glass in homes we have to send out vans with paid technicians. Just like with any other business the simpler the job, the lower the cost. When complexities like design, color, installation, and travel are added, price goes up. 

This is entirely dependent on the damage to your windshield. If the chip or crack is any larger than the size of a quarter and/or obstructs the driver's view while driving, you will need to replace your windshield. 

How long does a windshield repair take? 
How do I handle the insurance claim for my windshield?

The physical repair is relatively quick, usually lasting at most two hours, but on average about an hour, depending on the car. You are welcome to relax in our waiting room while your repair is in progress, or drop your car off with us, whatever is more convenient for you. 

Is there anything that will make my shower easier to clean?

Jack's Glass will handle your insurance claim for you! Additionally, for simple chip repairs, insurance companies often waive the deductible. 

Yes. Diamon-Fusion-coated, or DFI-coated glass will reduce the amount of time and effort needed to clean your shower as well as the frequency of cleaning. Diamon-Fusion is a protective coating that is applied to your new shower glass to reduce the amount of moisture build up on the glass. It also comes with a lifetime guarantee from Diamon-Fusion International. 

Jack's Glass also has a list of recommended shower cleaning products here. 

How do you avoid gunk in the tracks of a sliding shower door?

New showers are equipped with something called a clean track. This track is simply a holder in the center of the shower that prevents the glass from slipping out of place, but it does not collect residue like some of the older shower tracks where the glass sits in the track. This clean track, as the name would suggest, keeps the lower edge of your shower free from grime and buildup that may occur.

Are glass showers safe?


The short answer is, yes. Since 1972 glass showers have been made out of heat-tempered safety glass. Tempered glass is about 10 times stronger than traditional annealed glass and is designed so that if it does break it will shatter into tiny and dull pieces rather than larger and sharper dangerous fragments. 

What is the difference between commercial and residential glass?

Commercial glass and residential glass are relatively similar, but commercial glass is thicker and thus is often used in businesses that have larger glass doors and windows. 

What type of glass is used in commercial buildings?

Commercial buildings most commonly use tempered glass, as it is about 10 times safer than regular glass, and provides the most security for the business. 


Does Jack's Glass make safety shields for businesses?
How do I set up a quote for my business?

Super simple...just call us! 610-435-1440.

Yes, in light of the recent pandemic, Jack's Glass has been making plexiglass shields to ensure a safer environment whether that be for a business, school, or other environment.

Yes, Jack's Glass can replace your pyroceramic stove glass. Just give us a call. 610-435-1440.

Can Jack's Glass replace my wood stove or coal stove glass?
How do I get my mirror replaced?

Bring the mirror into the shop and we'll take care of it for you and have it looking brand new in no time. If you are replacing mirrors in your home, your business, or they are too big to bring in, not to worry! Call us to schedule your free in-home consultation.  

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