• Donna Braden, President of Jack's Glass

Glass Furniture Tops

Glass Tabletop

Patterns are required for ovals, and ornate edgework. It is important to note whether your tables or shelves have a square edge or a round edge. Feeling confident and want to save money?

You can take measurements yourself! If your square or rectangular tables are rounded at the corners, you can take a piece of paper and the side edge of a pencil to make an impression of the corner you need. Bring this impression in for us to duplicate along with your measurements and specifications.

Glass tops and glass shelves come in varying thicknesses. Usually 1/4" is suitable when you are

covering a wood or metal table, desk, dresser, or night stand. If you have a metal or wood base for which the glass is the only top, you may need to increase the thickness to 3/8" or 1/2" (depending on the size and purpose).

Most glass shelves and tops are made of regular, clear, annealed glass with polished edges. Heavier glass tops are also available with beveled edges, where the glass tapers down to an inch at the edges. To hold more weight, or in areas where safety is a concern, you may need to temper the glass (a heat treating process that results in the glass shattering into very small pieces, should it break). Depending on the type and shape of the glass needed, typical lead time can be anywhere from a day to 2 weeks.

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