• Lori Bowser

A Windshield Bug??

What in the world is a Windshield bug? Does my windshield have a cold?? Why am I being asked for this information? What does that mean??

These are all things that went through my mind the first time I was asked about a windshield bug...what is it??

Well, it's a little etching on your windshield that helps us figure out which windshield to order for your vehicle. Some vehicles have upwards of 15+ windshield options. We have fun here at Jack's Glass making sure we are prepared when you walk in to have your windshield replaced.

Where is it? Usually, the bug is on the bottom right of the windshield, on the passenger side of the vehicle, near the dashboard.

This particular "Windshield bug" was from a 2003 Ford Focus 4 door sedan.

We may ask you to tell us the bottom numbers on your windshield bug if your car has one.

And no, your windshield doesn't have a cold. If your car has a windshield bug, no need to worry, it's not contagious.

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