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We process ALL insurance company claims!

Call 877-FIX-MY-GLASS with your insurance card and we can help you repair or replace your windshield. #JacksGlass #autoinsurance #aaa #statefarm #erie #erieinsurance #farmers #farmersinsurance #geico #progressive #statefarminsurance #safeco #hartford #travelers #selective #westfield #gmac #donegal #allstate #libertymutual #usaa

What is my deductible?

This depends on what your policy states and it varies per insured. Many times, if the windshield can be repaired, the insurance company waives the deductible.

I wasn't in an accident, will this glass only damage count against me?

It shouldn't. It's part of your comprehensive coverage, not the collision coverage. In the insurance world, a comprehensive claim doesn't have the same weight as an accident claim.

What kind of things are "covered" in my comprehensive coverage?

  • Tree limbs falling

  • Deer

  • Rocks from the road

  • Hail

  • Anything that might happen when the car is not "in motion"

What other questions do you have? email me at: lori@jacksglass.com

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