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How to arrange my small bathroom remodel?? I want it ALL, Don't you?

Ok, so I'm looking for a house to buy. Ever walk into your dream home and see the bathroom and think...oh so, what...1970's Pink tile? Yuck!

I think I found my dream house, but I have a problem. I have 4 kids and need 2 working bathrooms. Currently, the room I dub the "kid's bathroom" is bigger than the master bathroom. I want it flipped. Who uses my guest bathroom? My son.

Who uses my bathroom? The other 4 of us. We need a bigger bathroom for us to share and a smaller one for my son.

Now, for resale, I need 2 functioning bathrooms with showers; however, I'm a bath person, so I'm trying to squeeze as much as I possibly can into these 2 rooms. I want a separate tub and shower in the master, which at the moment, only has 1 small fiberglass shower - Yuck!

I want it to feel open and airy, not closed off...so...enter my design team....me! lol.

Here's the layout of my current bathrooms:

current bathroom

The room on the left is the current master bathroom

The room on the right is the current "kid's bathroom"

Here's what I want to have in the guest bathroom:

  • Fiberglass tub/shower surround

  • Toilet

  • Sink

  • Linen closet

  • Vanity Mirror & Custom Mirror

  • Towel racks

Here's my wish list for the master bathroom:

  • Double vanity (think toiletries for 4!)

  • Toilet

  • Jacuzzi Tub

  • Separate Shower

  • Vanity Mirror & Custom Mirror

  • Heated towel rack

In my dream bathroom, I could have it all! I will have to compromise. I know that. My budget is not unlimited, I haven't hit the lotto (yet), so I will have to choose the options that make sense in my budget.

Who else has this dilemma? I know I'm not alone.

Here's one option I'm considering in my design:

A corner tub WITH a shower in it.

It could work.

Only thing is...still, I'll have kids using MY tub...not my first choice...

I'm moving a wall just 30"...what does 30" give me in my design? That's my winning idea...2'6" bigger in the master bathroom. That's my space to add the Jacuzzi tub and separate shower. I'll post later what I ended up doing.

Here's my design idea:

future bathroom idea

Anyone else make drawings like these too? Do share your ideas with me? I don't know how to fit everything I want into my 8'2" x 9' master bathroom. Email me at lori@jacksglass.com if you have a better way to fit what I want into my space.

The X on the left is for my separate Glass Shower enclosure...Thoughts on how this could be? email me! I'm all ears.

custom shower door

Updated info: as of 1/26/18 - one of our installers came back with this beauty...Maybe a standup shower would be ok...I need a separate shower for the kids to use. I would prefer a completely open shower, but alas, the kids are saying no.

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