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Top 5 Window Questions Jack's Glass Answers

We get LOT's of Questions about broken windows. Here are the Top 5 Questions we get Answered for you!

Question #1: Why can't I replace just ONE pane of glass in my double-paned window?

A unit is a set of 2 panes of glass. Typically, in newer construction, with LOW E Gas, once one pane breaks the gas that helps provide the insulation rating (r-factor) is GONE! It can't be replaced in our shop. So we order the sealed double-paned unit from our supplier based on your current windows measurements

Keep an eye out for a follow-up Blog explaining the process of making these units. It's a pretty cool thing to learn about!

Question #2: Isn't there just a "standard" size window you can order for me?

No, there is no such thing as a "standard" size window. Windows come in all shapes and sizes, this is why Jack's Glass offers FREE measurements and estimates. This is to ensure that the window we order for your existing frame, fits.

Question #3: Why is my window Foggy?

When the seal is broken or damaged, your window can take on a "cloudy" appearance. Jack's can easily replace the glass in your existing frame, saving you money by not having to replace the entire window!

Question #4: Can't you fix that TODAY?

I wish the answer to this question was yes. However it is no we cannot fix that today. Insulated units are custom created per your windows frames measurements. We do not build these in shop but they are sent to our supplier. The turn around time for an insulated unit is typically 2 weeks.

Question #5: Will I have a Gaping Hole in my house the Whole time I have to wait for the window?

No! If you can bring us the broken window in the frame, our trained technicians will take a measurement and return the window to you to put back in your home. Or if you can't get it out of the opening to bring in to our shop, we can offer you a free estimate at your home. We service all of the Lehigh Valley from our mobile trucks! Please keep in mind having us come to measure and provide you with that free estimate will possibly increase the wait time on getting the replacement unit for your window.

Do you have more questions? Curious about another service we offer? Please do not hesitate to give us a call (1-877-FIX-MY-GLASS), visit our shop & Idea Show Room (424 N Madison St. Allentown, PA 18102), or send us an email (info@jacksglass.com)!

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