Who's Insurance Company?

Ok, so...


You are golfing...you hit someone's car in the parking lot (NOT your best golfing day)...Who is responsible for paying to replace the person's broken windshield or back glass you just hit?


Is it...



A: Your Car Insurance? (No one was driving the vehicle, it was hit by my golf ball)

B: Their Car Insurance? (after all, they were parked in the lot)

C: The golf course you are all playing golf at? (I mean, you are at THEIR golf course)

D: My home owner's policy? (Say, What??)


Email your guesses to: Info@jacksglass.com


Best winning response will win a FREE Pair of tickets to the Iron Pigs Game, complements of Jack's Glass.


We will post the answer once we receive and review your guesses. This will be fun!!




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