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Steamy Shower Glass



For every new shower we install, Jack's Glass highly recommends optional Diamon-Fusion coating be applied while the glass is at the tempering facility. Diamon-Fusion is a patented, protective coating that seals the pores in the glass to repel water, soap scum and other contaminants from your shower making it easier to clean. The lifetime warranty assures your glass will retain its' lustre. It is designed to significantly reduce the time and effort required when cleaning as well as the frequency of necessary cleanings. Little more than a simple squeegee after your shower is necessary to keep your glass looking like new.


If you have purchased a shower with Diamon-Fusion glass and want to register your lifetime warranty for the glass follow this link. 


Due to the nature of Diamon-Fusion treated glass, it is easier to clean than other glass products. There is no need for abrasive cleaners or significant amounts of time spent scrubbing away watermarks and soap scum. 


Here is a list of cleaning products recommended and approved by Diamon-Fusion International. These are also the products that Jack's Glass recommends for general glass and shower glass cleaning.

Diamon-Fusion Glass
Well-Maintained Shower Glass
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