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Benefits of Storm Window Repair

For the residents of prone areas, extreme weather conditions are more than simply hindrances. They are actual dangers!

Storm windows offer ample protection in stormy weather and other conditions. They also increase the value of homes, cut down on energy costs, and reduce external noise, among other benefits. You already know these, which is why you have a storm window installed.

If your storm windows are damaged, you need to repair them as quickly as possible.

Here's why.

Energy savings

When homeowners choose to use storm windows, the benefits are immense. You can expect to keep out chilly drafts to a great extent, helping to reduce energy costs.

With a damaged window, you're letting in air from the outside and vice versa, increasing the energy you need to heat or cool your home.

You're losing money you shouldn't! As soon as you notice that your storm window needs repair, call in the professionals at Jack's Glass immediately.

Reduced exposure to radiation

Many windows have tinted glass to protect against ultraviolet radiation. This radiation can damage certain items within the house like drapes, rugs, carpets, and wallpapers.

In old homes with period-authentic furnishing and original windows, the infiltrating light can spoil the design.

A storm window offers the same level of protection that a tinted glass provides.

But if your storm window is damaged, most or all of the protection against UV radiation is gone.

Moisture control

In rainy and humid conditions, the downward-dripping water can damage the window's sash and frame. Over time, this will affect the sealants and may destroy the window.

You may not notice this because your storm window has been doing an excellent job controlling the amount of moisture that comes into contact with your primary windows.

Storm windows also reduce the rate of humidity change on the windows. This way, there's less likely to be condensation on the exterior or interior panes.

However, the only way to enjoy this benefit is to fix your broken window when you notice it. Otherwise, you may soon have to deal with damages to your primary window's sash and frames.

Protect your loved ones and property

Storm windows do more than protect you from precipitation. They provide integral support to your home interior. In a hurricane or other storms, they prevent the risk of dangerous objects flying in and injuring someone inside the house.

However, a damaged storm window offers little to no protection during a storm.

When a hurricane or other high-velocity storm hits, you could have your delicate equipment smashed and badly damaged or your kids severely injured, leaving you with heavy post-storm repair and medical bills to sort out.

Don't put your loved ones and property in harm's way; repairing your storm window now is the smart thing to do.

If you have a damaged storm window, the experts at Jack's Glass can return it to its best. Contact us now for your storm window installation and repair!


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