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Signs You Need to Replace Your Windows Now

Updated: Jul 20, 2022

Without proper insulation, houses can lose up to 50% of their heat and cooling. At Jack's Glass we repair storm windows and replace the glass in insulated units. Insulated units are energy-efficient windows, installing them or replacing old ones reduces airflow and lowers your cost of heating and cooling. If your double-paned window is fogged up, the seal may be broken and your energy efficiency is lost meaning you are spending more than you need to on bills! Our glass is always custom cut to fit your frames. It not only looks amazing, but helps to insulate your home and regulate the temperature. For any window installation, repair, or restoration call Jack's Glass!

Increase in energy bills

Modern homes are designed with windows and doors that adjust to the weather and reduce the cost of energy.

If your windows are cold on a cold day or hot on a hot day, it means they're doing very little to manage the weather and should be changed to reduce the cost of energy.

Also, old or damaged windows put all the cold air from your air conditioner on hot summer days and the warm air from your furnace or heater on cold days to waste.


You know those windows have to go once you notice leaks from the windows.

Old or damaged windows might develop holes or passageways for moisture which could damage items in your home, create a safety hazard or make your home smell.

Do well to change your windows once you notice leaks. Otherwise, the leaks would become bigger and cause more damage, which means more costs for repairs.


Most windows are designed to keep our sound to a certain degree. If you notice that the soundproofing ability of your windows is no longer functional, then it's time to change them.

You can tell if the noise from the outside is so loud when you're inside your house and vice versa. If you love your quiet, you'd want to replace those windows to keep noise out.

Cracks and damages

If you notice visible cracks and damage in your windows, then it's time to change them. It's easy to want to overlook small cracks in the windows, but these cracks get worse with time and would cost more to repair.

Changing your windows early could help you save money and prevent other damages that could result from the cracks, like leaks or rodents getting into your home.

Upgrade your interior

You can also change your windows to keep up with the trend and make your home look more modern.

If your house is an old building, then the windows are likely old. And while they might still be sturdy, changing them is a great way to upgrade your home and would even increase its value.

If you're seeing these signs already and are ready to change your windows, reach out to us today for all your window replacement.


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